Discovery: Amelia Bordeaux

One of our latest additions to The Paradigm Collection is a range of wines from Bordeaux. No, not at all what you think. They nearly threw us out the day we presented a triangle design for the front label to the local printer in Cadillac. And a tapered bottle put them over the top. Just add screwcap. Sacré bleu!

We were told the triangle shape would not stick to the bottle..... Ah, please.....And so Amelia Bordeaux was born, complete with a tale of whimsy and irreverance. We began with a Rose, because Bordeaux should be able to produce a lovely pink wine. Of course, the lineup needed both a supple Bordeaux Rouge and a crisp, Bordeaux Blanc. Sourced from the region of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the wines are created from estate fruit. 

The intention with Amelia was to show that Bordeaux isn't only defined by unaffordable dusty bottles, tight tannins, and commoditized packaging. Wines from the region can be flirty, fun, delicious, and approachable, both on the palate and in the wallet. 

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